When traveling by car, there is many considerations you want to look over and plan to implement before you start driving. Today, we want to talk about just 3 of what I consider to be the important tips for comfort, safety, and ease of mind:

1) Always Take Major Highways or Interstates When Possible 
There’s 2 reasons I say this. One, if you have a blowout or some sort of accident you can get help faster and you are more accessible for emergency vehicles. Two, there’s no wildlife. I say this because I once made the mistake of taking a back road route home and I almost hit 15 deer. Actually, I stopped counting at 15.

2) Always Make Sure Your Fuel Tank Is Above A Quarter Tank 
Sometime when traveling by car, especially if it’s a regular route you take, you tend to daydream so it’s good to make sure your gas tank has sufficient fuel. If you’re in area where it’s isolated I would stay above a half of a tank. One time, I was driving across the Mohave Desert and there was only one gas station in the halfway through the desert route. Let’s just say I made it there on fumes and I would have been walking in the desert…with no water. Not a good thing at all.

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