One of the most important things when it comes to riding a bike is how you feel when riding it. If you consider that riding a bike is enjoyable and really safe, you will then want to go for longer distances and more varied destinations. However, in order to achieve these sensations, you are usually obliged to travel along cars and this requires self control and safety measures.

Traffic rules apply to all kind of drivers and to all types of vehicles, but these laws often describe only what a bicycle rider has to do and not how to do it. When it comes to kids, riding a bike risk free requires an ability to process the information on the traffic conditions, just like when driving a car. This ability is developed in time and it is also related to education. Kids are not ready to ride their bikes in traffic until these psychological and cognitive abilities are fully developed. When a parent or a supervisor is convinced that the child is ready, the child can start riding in easier situations, supervised by someone who knows how to ride a bike properly.

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